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John Housley

800-424-8693 Toll Free
801-571-2330 Office
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Sewer Equipment

Everyone uses the bathroom but not everyone understands the equipment and technology that goes into maintaining a reliable sewer system. Cities and Service District have to clean and inspect their system, while roots and grease must be removed and underground problems must be identified and located.

Here at Maric Sales we strive to provide our customers with the best and most innovative tools and equipment on the market that will make their lives easier while saving cities and tax payer’s money when it comes to maintaining our underground infrastructure.

Here is what we have to make everyone’s life easier:

  • Vacuum/Jetting Combo Units
  • Jetting/TV System Units
  • Jetter Nozzles & Tools
  • CCTV Units
  • Chemical Root Control
  • Grease and Odor Control


We are so confident that our tools and equipment will outperform all the rest that we like to bring our stuff to you and let you try it. Please contact us and we can show you how seeing is believing.